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The Trumbull County Board of Elections is proud to partner with area schools, local college campuses, businesses and community organizations to promote the importance of voting and serving as a poll worker.  We have a number of special programs through which we promote our programs for participation. Click the links below to learn more.

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Youth-at-the-Booth is our High School Student Worker Program

If you are currently attending High School and looking to serve your community, the Trumbull County Board of Elections is seeking responsible students to work as Poll Workers.

High School Student Workers have been a wonderful part of Trumbull County Elections dating back several years. Being a Poll Worker includes hard work, many hours, and the ability to work well with the public as well as with the other Poll Workers, who are quite often Senior Citizens.

Being a Poll Worker provides a hands-on experience of our democracy in action and an opportunity to earn quite a bit of money for a hard earned days’ work. We hope that by participating in the voting process, our young adults will understand the importance of exercising their voting rights for years to come.

What are the requirements to be a Student Poll Worker?

What is expected of each Student Poll Worker?

Note: Each school sets its own parameters for excusing students to be poll workers and both the School System and parental guardians must sign for permission to participate. Some schools even allow extra credit for community service.